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Finally 600 (Q41, V32)

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Finally 600 (Q41, V32)

by RadiumBall » Wed May 11, 2011 9:56 am
I am finally done. I know my score is nothing when compared to all the other great super hero's here. But still I thought I should tell my story.

Until the same time last year I had absolutely no plans to do the GMAT, I have always hated tests in General GMAT was no exception. But still I knew GMAT could give me lot more so went ahead. Started off in August 2010 with a stupid coaching centre in Bangalore. Here are my comments on the centre https://www.pagalguy.com/forum/gmat-and- ... -gmat.html. My first attempt which was on GMAT prep fetched me 400. During the days ahead it became clear that I suck at Verbal. I tried hard my Quant seem to improve but my Verbal still sucked. Until January 2010 I was just hitting the 500-550 mark. I got worried. Something had to be done about the Verbal. I searched the net, then I came across the GMAT prep questions for SC and CR by whiplash. I started feeling very confident so much so that I thought I will get more in Verbal than in Quant. Went ahead and took my first test in April, got bombed with 500 (Q43, V17) could not believe what was happening, but I knew some injustice happened that day. I did make some noise here too.
Anyway I thought I should give myself another chance, and this time I got a good score I am proud off and I very sure this is my limit. So I am not going for another one no matter what. Total expenditure on all of this has come upto 1500$ yeah I know huge money, but I enjoyed this experience.

Test Prep:
1) Manhattan: First of all their Quant is way too tough, I can tell you that with two GMAT encounters that GMAT quant is much more easy but tricky. Small loop holes that are difficult to find. But of course no one can beat Manhattan Verbal. But again on the whole Manhattan seems to away scores readily very much unlike the real thing.
2) Knewton (free tests): Really good. Although many would say that their question exactly match one or more OG questions. I think their tests and scoring method very closely matches the real thing.

I think Manhattan guides are the best for Quant and SC. For CR as usual Powerscore (intro only) and for RC GMAT pill RC videos.

I would solve every problem in the OG and Quant Review. Try to do each problem in the you are good at. Do not try to cram in too much for this section.

One of the trickiest sections in the GMAT. This section is full of traps. But concentrate more on DS.
1) Try each of the two options separately for a sure No before going to that lucrative C or E
2) Try for a sure No with C before going for E
3) Try for different sets of numbers, if question asks about even or odd then try even/odd with +ve/-ve, you mostly need not fractions, if question asks for squares/cubes you must try fractions. Remember ZONEF (Zero, one, Negative, Extreme numbers (-1000, +10000) and Fractions
4) Try to use answer from one into another to see if you get the same answer before selection D
5) If you get yes with 1 and No with 2 you have done a mistake, such questions do not exist
6) Mostly we train ourselves to select an answer which gives an exact solution but Sometimes the question may ask for a range so read the questions carefully
7) If you think A and B are not correct be very careful to select either C or E

Read the Manhattan SC, go do all prep problems by whiplash (I regret I did not). OG is almost a waste. Do the brutal or the kaplan SC yes GMAT SC's are indeed very tough. I felt like I had studied nothing both times.

Again I was totally stumped both times. Real weird questions appear on the test. Still not sure what to suggest or how to tackle. Again OG questions from 60 onwards may be good. Verbal review is also great. Not to mention prep problems by whiplash.

Only GMAT Pill saved me. I would recommend the same to everyone.

Lastly choose test centres which are less crowded if you have the choice, fortunately I did. Believe me this does affect.

The Injustice:
I think this time too the GMAT gave me very less number of CR's and I counted them this time. Just 8!
Something really funny/fishy is going on in the Verbal section. You see I leaped 100 points in just one month how only God knows...a visible proof of what GMAT is! I live you to decide. In this ever more globalized world I wonder what the GMAT is trying is to do with its silly SC crap when half of the world still speaks in native language.

Having spent so much I have collected a ton of material and built my own notes. I am ready to give them away for a price ofcourse. Anyone interested can PM me.