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What is the appropriate "desired job function"?

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Hi everyone,

I am starting on my first application and have run into a question where they ask me what is my "desired industry category" and what is my "desired job function" post-MBA. These are in the form of a drop-down menu you select, not something you fill in.

A little background: I currently work as a commercial lender in a mid-size US bank that is part of a larger international corporation, in the small business department. My MBA goal is to focus on International Finance, as well as further develop my skills in general management and leadership. My plan, as currently imagined, would be to continue my career within this corporation, exploring global aspects of the financial services industry, ideally in South America, and achieving increasing levels of management responsibilities. My dream job would be to manage corporate lending in the South American region of the bank. (Side note: I am Brazilian and speak fluent Portuguese as well as proficient Spanish, and am going to incorporate my experiences as a Brazilian growing up in America as to why I want to pursue this road). So I want to continue in the commercial banking sector and focus on finance in order to be more prepared in that industry, but I do, of course, have hopes of upper management in the corporation as I proceed with my career.

Back to the question at hand. For "industry category" I put Finance - Commercial Banking.

For "Desired Job Function", should I go with:
1) Finance - Commercial Banker
2) Finance - Lending
3) Management - Executive Director/General Manager
4) Management - CFO
5) International Development - For Profit

Any thoughts???


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by Jon@Admissionado » Wed Aug 03, 2011 7:42 am
I would go with choice three.
Not only does it seem the closest, it's also the most how shall we say "managerial".
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