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Is it too late for Fall 2012 ??

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Is it too late for Fall 2012 ??

by amp0201 » Mon Aug 01, 2011 11:58 am
Hello guys,

Let me give a brief about myself. I have attempted GMAT twice. Scored drastically below my prep scores. 620 (Q47, V29) was my 2nd attempt score. Frustrated and left GMAT for 3 months. But now I am planning for a fresh start and give my final shot at GMAT 10 weeks from now i.e. around October 15th 2011.

If I get decent score, will it be too late to apply for R2 for schools of my choice. Most schools, which I am looking for have deadline early January. Since I will start analyzing, writing and editing essays October 15th onwards, will it give me enough time to get done with application process.

Since I have already attempted GMAT twice, I don't want to jeopardize the chances of getting good score. At the same time I don't want to run out of time for application process. To be honest, I am in confused state of mind. Should I wait for one more year and apply for Fall 2013 (i.e take time for GMAT and application process) and or should I just go ahead and give my best shot now itself. I have already wasted a year, since my first attempt was in October 2010. I will be 29 by Fall 2013, and will definitely make me feel old for MBA schools.

If anyone can please assist me, that would be great help for me. Looking for some positive feedback.



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by Stacy Blackman » Mon Aug 01, 2011 12:34 pm
Hi amp0201,

First, do not be overly concerned. If your biggest concern is that you will be too old if you miss this year's deadline, then you should not worry. A 1 year age difference is not going to make a difference.

With regards to taking the GMAT, I recommend that you study hard for the test and do the best you can. After you have taken the test, you can consider your score and decide whether you want to apply to Round 2. Your GMAT score carries for 5 years and can always be used in the future.

To answer your question on whether there is enough time, a large factor will be the number of schools you apply to. You can always limit your applications to the 1-2 schools you are most interested in.

Hope this was of help.


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by PrepMBA.AlexLeventhal » Mon Aug 01, 2011 4:10 pm
Don't worry. It would not be unreasonable for you to apply to 3-5 schools in that time frame if you work hard. So yes Round 2 is still very possible if you work consistently over that 2-3 month window.

Good luck on the GMAT!
Alex Leventhal
Harvard MBA, 1998
Prep MBA Admissions Consulting

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by amp0201 » Mon Aug 01, 2011 8:36 pm
Thanks Stacy and Alex. Your comments are really encouraging. Made me feel good and will try my best in coming months. Thanks once again for your feedback.

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by asimahm » Wed Aug 03, 2011 1:36 pm
I have a similar question, Ideally I would like to apply for Round 2 for some MBA programs however my current MBA plan is set for entrance into 2013 FALL, reason being is because I have a real low GPA that would most likely hinder my acceptance into MBA schools.

I have not taken the GMAT yet, I have taken 5 practice exams and have averaged a 730. I have 1.5 years of work experience, CO-Founded VP of a Nonprofit Org, CEO/Founder of a SEO Agency, spoke at a Uni on SEO, and have managed/grown teams, and have grown many websites which I can show measurable results as proof.

My question is, should I still try focusing on Round 2 applications or would it hurt my chances if I were to re-apply for Fall 2013 acceptance?


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by Tyler@MBAPrepSchool » Wed Aug 03, 2011 2:28 pm
Hi amp0201,

There is a similar thread on the boards on the issue of timing for fall 2012 here:

https://www.beatthegmat.com/enough-time- ... 86666.html

Also, I published an article on Beat the GMAT, a couple of weeks ago about how much time to budget for your MBA applications and how to create an effective plan. You'll see that, with the process I outline in the article, if you can complete your GMAT study by early October, you will be in the best shape. It is possible to study for the GMAT and build your applications in parallel but that's pretty grueling. I hope the work plan I suggest in the post helps you:

https://www.beatthegmat.com/mba/2011/07/ ... plications

Please let me know if you have any follow-on questions.

Tyler Cormney
MBA Prep School
Website: https://mbaprepschool.com

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by amp0201 » Thu Aug 04, 2011 7:34 am
Tyler thanks for the reply. I already had the printouts of your article before your reply. :)