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Re: A group of 30 employees working 4 hours a day can complete a project in 10 days. What is the number of days in which

First, let's find relationship between employees of second group and first group Let rate of work of employees of first group be R1, and that of second group be R2 (2 employees) * R1 work/(hour*employee) * (2 hours) = (4 employees) * R2 work/(hour * employee) * (1 hours) R1 = R2 So this means employ...

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I've posted answers to some posts. What is the approximate time in which they get approved? Also, where can I see my points?


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Sat Jul 25, 2020 11:21 pm
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Re: GMAT prep question-Confusing one !

The question means, that airline carriers are aiming at increasing profits. They aim to do so not by increasing the number of flights, but by using larger planes. So there has to be an element of contrast in the sentence. Only D offers this. Some people might be hesitant to choose D as it may seem t...

by hahahehe

Sat Jul 25, 2020 11:11 pm
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Re: In the figure above, segments RS and TU represent two positions of the same ladder leaning against the side SV of a

I won't take out the final numbers, but rather tell how you should do in exam. First rule, in a triangle, if you know the length of a side and both of the angles associated with that side, you will be able to construct the triangle uniquely. Try it out, fix the base, and decide on two angles that th...

Re: If \(a\) and \(b\) are positive integers, is \(a\) a multiple of \(b?\)

let's evaluate statement 1. Let B's distinct prime factors be: 2, 3, 5 Now B can be 2*3*5, or it can be 2*2*3*5.. or basically anything in the form (2^x)*(3^y)*(5^z) Now, we know a has all the prime factors that B has, as its own prime factors, and it can also have more. A can be = 2*3*5, or 2*3*5*7...

Re: Three friends, A, B and C have houses along a straight road, in that order. If all three want to meet...

Since B's house lies between A's and C's, this is the only possible picture that we can draw: A <--- 2 ---> B <--- 6 ---> C The minimum combined distance that the 3 friends have to travel will be in the case when they meet at B's house, in which case, A will travel 2 miles, and C will travel 6 miles...

Re: There are 8 magazines lying on a table; 4 are fashion magazines and the other 4 are sports magazines...

We have 4 Sports magazines, and 4 Fashion magazines We have to select 3 magazines Total ways of selecting 3 magazines out of these 8 -> 8C3 (8 choose 3) = 8!/(3! * 5!) = 56 Now we need probability that "at least one" of the fashion magazines will be selected. This scenario would include: selection o...

Re: During a sale, the original price of a garment is lowered by 20%. Because the garment did not sell, its sale price..

In questions dealing with percentages, it is helpful to start with 100 as the initial number Let us assume original price was 100 During sale it's lowered by 20% -> so price becomes -> 80 Now, it was further reduced by 10%. This 10% is of the current price, and not original price. So new price -> 80...

Re: 35% of all Huhulians own at least one TV. 24% of Huhulians who own at least one TV own at least four TV’s. What perc

Let total population be 100 Now 35% own at least one TV So, 35 Huhulians own at least 1 TV, and 65 own none. 24% of these 35 people, own at least 4 TVs 24% of 35 = 0.24*35 = 8.4 (People cannot be in decimals, but since I assumed 100 as the starting number, we can let this slide) Voila! we've arrived...

Re: At a restaurant, all tips are added together to be split among the employees at the end of a shift...

Let total collected amount be X
Now waiters get = (2/3) X
So individual waiter gets: (2/3)X / 4 = X/6
Manager gets = X/4
Busboy gets = Total - waiters' share - manager's share = X - 2X/3 - X/4 = X/12

Now one waiter's share + busboy's share = X/6 + X/12 = X/4
X/4 is said to be $30
X/4 = 30
X = $120