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Score Understanding

by anirudh.777 » Fri Jul 11, 2014 6:24 am
Hi Experts,

Really appreciate your valuable inputs.

I took the GMAT today. 690 (IR 7, Q50 V34)
I am not excited as I was scoring well in mocks and prep tests (700-750 range). Also to let you know, I belong to Indian||Male||Engineer||IT/software -pool. o_o (crazy pool of high scorers)

I have couple of questions.
1) I have seen many blogs/forums and many of friends have scored 700 on the same split of score. Can you please explain that why is such difference of 10 points in score when raw score of quant and verbal is same.
2) Is there any services by GMAT that they can re-evaluate the scores?

General query: Is this score good enough for top 20 Universities? I can share my detailed profile for further discussion.(If required)

Thanks in advance.