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Dear MBA Applicants,

I am not suggesting that EVERYONE has to make a class visit. Most of us are not keen on spending 1.5 Lakhs to fly to the US and make a class visit. Through this email, I want to educate you on the perspectives that the class visits bring.

What is a class visit?

"¢ Genchi Genbutsu ( Analogy from Toyota Production Systems for "Go and See"). You will be spending a "Fortune" on an MBA program, and it will make a lot of sense to go and visit the school, and assess how the school will help you with your current handicaps.

"¢ Networking Opportunity: A networking opportunity for you as it will give you ample airtime with the admission committee members and other senior members from the leadership team.

"¢ Informational Interviews: It is your opportunity to conduct informational interviews. Informational interview is your way of identifying the right reasons for joining that school. While the majority of the applicant pool comes with a mindset that they will register for any top-school on the basis of the favourable outcome, I strongly encourage all the applicants to follow a research based process. Give your schools very strong reasons to know you, and evaluate you. It will also allow you to develop reasons for "Why that program is meant for you ?"

If you are currently in the country of your target school or are planning to fly in the near term future, it is a good idea to reach out to the school community right now. If you targeting the round 1 of the coming session, and can afford to take a leave from your office for 15-20 days, it will be a good decision to apply for a VISA now and plan your trip in July/August.


Thank You !

Jatin ( PythaGURUS Admissions Team).

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