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Dear applicants,
Sharing this with you as some of you pick really REALLY Wrong
goals. I will give an example- Someone recently told me that they
want to be an entrepreneur right after MBA.
I do not have a problem with that- but let us see - what will happen if
you use this as a goal- what will be needed?
For a Moment- Let us look at how the schools LISTEN to you when
you tell them that you will be an entrepreneur within 48 hours of
finishing your MBA Program.

Let us think of the following: You are in May( 2021), your classes are
over, other classmates are headed out for a quick vacation before
joining their first POST MBA Company.
What would you be doing if your goal is to be an Entrepreneur?
Would you be looking for funding for an idea that you have not
validated yet?
Would you be looking for Co-founders to help you across different
Let us look at things realtime- What would your mindset be? How
much money do you have to sustain on the RUNWAY before you
breakeven in your venture?
Have you thought through - How will you pay for the School Loans
after you have graduated?
You have a business plan ready already- and you know how you will
impact the world- but have you Validated it yet? I mean- have you
struggled to scale a team, trying to market it, running after teams to
get the product to market, and DOING ALL THE OTHER
EXPERIMENTS where you failed , and realized that the first step to
your SUCCESS is MBA.

Schools do not have a problem with you choosing entrepreneurship
as a goal. They have a problem in understanding - IF YOU HAVE NOT
TRIED ANYTHING YET, How did you get to A CONCLUSION that
entrepreneurship gets started with an MBA.
One thought could be that - You are looking for credibility on the
resume so as to attract investors too- or to NOT HAVE THEM IGNORE
You when you make your pitches- That is a FAIR POINT but this will
not independently convince the schools of your reasons to choose an
MBA. Why ? Because even FUNDING IS NOT a bottleneck to becoming
an entrepreneur. Funding is needed TO SCALE A VENTURE- and
before you scale it- you need to go through bloodbath of what it
means to be an entrepreneur.

And schools may or may not agree with this but - they DO NOT MAKE
ENTREPRENEURS. They can give you solid general management
skills, and help you understand how to run a large P&L on an
autopilot but - they cannot make you an entrepreneur. They can
admit an entrepreneur and teach him HOW TO Be more resourceful
but - you will have to take responsibility of telling them that - YOU
ALREADY ARE AN ENTREPRENEUR( with past actions, successes and
or Major failures).
If you tell them that they are the first step to your entrepreneurship-
they will RUN- they will think you will be a liability.

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