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Profile Evaluation Request

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Profile Evaluation Request

by VaibhavGoyal » Thu Aug 26, 2021 10:45 am
GMAT - 660 (Q-49, V-30, IR-8, AWA-5)
Nationality: Indian
Current Residence: India

P.G.D.A.V College, University of Delhi- B.Com 8.2/10 CGPA
• Awarded Student of the Year for all round performance in academics and extra-curricular
• College Topper for 3 consecutive years.
• Project Head for Youth Conclave (organised for the first time in the college)
• Media Head of Commercium (The Commerce Society)
• Management Anchor of Commercium (The Commerce Society)
• Member of Creative Team (Commercium) and Kaizen (The Career Counselling Club)
• Awarded 2 scholarships for exceptional performance in academics (SC Gupta Memorial and Shri Pyare Lal)

12th: 93.2%, Delhi Public School, Palwal
• Awarded Mr.DPS for exceptional performance in academics and extra-curricular.
• Head Boy

10th: 10/10 CGPA, Delhi Public School
• House Prefect

Work Experience:

Ernst Young GDS - Lead Associate - 2 Years and 3 months.
• Providing Assistance to onshore team in Audit procedures of East US Firms, majorly New York based clients
• Learnt about the indispensability of building a strong network of people.
• Got 5 Star Rating for 2 consecutive years in the organisation.
• Awarded ECS (Exceptional Client Service) for maintaining excellent relations with onshore and clients by delivering exceptional work.
• Awarded Extra Miler (Oct 2018 and Mar 2019) for going extra mile.

Self Employed
• Joined family business in July

UMEED: Ray of Hope
• Part of the organisation for a period of 6 months.
• Taught children and parents in Delhi Slums.

Planning to apply for R1 for these: NUS, IE, IESE, ESADE, Imperial, Nanyang

Any tips or questions would be very much appreciated, but I have a few specific questions into which I would love some insight as well:
• Which other schools should I target?
• Any thoughts on whether my target schools are reasonable based on my profile?
• Is my profile good enough to get decent scholarships in the school I am targeting?
• What more I can do to strengthen my profile so that my chances of making to these and other prestigious schools increase?

Thanks for your time.


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Re: Profile Evaluation Request

by MargaretStrother » Tue Aug 31, 2021 12:08 pm
Hi Vaibhav,
Thanks for your query. I see a lot of great things in your profile: super GPA, great internationally-oriented work experience.
Joining the family business: I wouldn't recommend leaving a global company like EY to work for the family business the year you're applying to an international business school, unless the family company is global, large and part of your long-term career vision. You want to be showing more international vision, not less. But I don't have all the information here, so I'm just making a general observation.

One thing I might want to see you work on is your GMAT: for your demographic, 660 is relatively low, and just barely squeaking by for international schools like ESADE and Imperial. Most people with your profile are scoring more like a 50+ on their Quant. If that's an option you'd consider, i.e. if you haven't already taken the GMAT many times, it might be worth giving it another try, especially if you hope to be in competition for scholarships.

Other schools: that would depend on your goals, which you didn't post here. Goals are a very important part of the holistic admissions approach that b-schools use. Know where you want to go post-MBA, and then target schools that will get you there!

Hope this helps,
Margaret Strother
Senior Consultant
Stacy Blackman Consulting

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