Please Evalute my Profile

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Please Evalute my Profile

by ziyadttp » Sat Sep 07, 2019 5:38 am

Indian/ Male / 24

B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from SRM University : 6.6/10

Work Experience:

1 year in a textile manufacturing company (~200 employees)
Co-ordinating between the production line and the marketing agents.
Collected and evaluated competitors pricing to identify optimal pricing.

7 months in a mid sized analytics firm in a devops and automation role
Automated daily repetitive tasks.
Co-ordinated between various teams in order to implement various changes required by the client.

I mainly joined this company as my IT skills were non-existent. So when i got a chance to rectify that, I took it.

Joined back in the textile manufacturing company.
Carried out an advertisement campaign in order to improve brand visibility.
Currently working on shifting all our packaging materials into bio-degradable ones.

Part of a 4 member team which set up a sports academy with the help of the government.
Provided free coaching to under privileged and talented kids.
Conducted campaigns to enroll more girls into sports.
MOU with other sports academies across the country.

My main concern is that my family is a large shareholder in the textile factory. However nobody else from my family works here.

Short term
Post-MBA goal: To work in a product management team in a FMCG

GMAT: Yet to give. Aiming between 700-720

I want to apply for Rotterdam School of Management for the January 2021 intake. By the time of matriculation I will have 3.5 years of experience. Am i a contender for this school?