Profile Evaluation 2010

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Profile Evaluation 2010

by islandgurl918 » Sat Nov 20, 2010 5:39 pm
I'm looking to gauge the realistic chances of getting acceptance into some of my target schools when I apply next year (2011). I would like to apply in round 1 and have listed below my work and volunteer experience, as well as important stats.

Graduated UC Berkeley with a degree in Mass Communications, GPA of 3.5
Worked for Nielsen Mobile-Production Associate (07-08)
LookSmart (Account Coordinator then Promoted to Account Manager of Western Region) (08-09)
Pandora Radio (Campaign Manager-Inside Sales) (09-Present)

GMAT: 610 (re took a second time, and this was my score)
Marketing Chair-Northern Ca Chapter of 85 Broads; I help to promote and market all our events, geared towards professional women in all industries.
Other stats: 24 year old Chinese-Fijian American, female

I would like to apply to these schools based on my campus visits and their various offerings and programs:

1) USC
3) Georgetown
4) university of maryland smith

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by jkhousto » Mon Nov 22, 2010 7:06 pm
Islandgurl 918 -
Thanks for your posting!

I feel like you have a pretty strong profile overall - the only real item that is below average is your GMAT score. Your career progression to date is pretty unique and shows a steady progression within an industry. Please be sure to show the Admissions Committees how each role, company, functional area has expanded your understanding and knowledge of the media and communications industries.

Hopefully, you also can work your substantial experience with 85 Broads into an essay as well. It is good volunteer extracurricular and networking experience.

I think that UCLA might be a slight reach (but still very much your pursuing), and the other three schools should be within your reach, assuming you write strong essays and work with your recommenders to maximize the positive influence of those as well.

Good luck!
Jennifer Houston, MBA

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