ESADE or SP Jain Mumbai India

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ESADE or SP Jain Mumbai India

by NewMBAaspirant » Wed Dec 01, 2010 4:50 pm
Can people please provide their views on a confusion that i have regarding opting for a MBA programme?

I am an Indian IT male with a work experience of 6 years in a reputed Indian IT company.

I have got admits in ESADE Full time MBA programme and also in PGPM (1 year) programme (Finance Stream) in SP Jain Mumbai.
There is a confusion of what should i opt for:

ESADE positives:
1. International programme and well reputed.

ESADE negatives:
1. Very expensive (about 50 lakhs cost).
2. No idea of job prospects and since it is in Spain so don't know how the market is.

SP Jain positives:
1. 1 year programme.
2. Job placements is not a problem (Sure to get placed through college placements).
3. Comparatively very cheap (10 lakhs)

Sp Jain negatives:
1. Not very renowned in the international market.

I would be really please to get reviews from people on what should i opt for.

Thanks in advance.

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by Stacey Oyler » Wed Dec 01, 2010 5:22 pm

Thanks for your post. Congratulations on your acceptance to both programs.

In regard to helping you choose, this really is something that only you can decide. I recommend taking the following into consideration as you make your decision:

1. Employment opportunities post graduation
2. Location - where do you want to live during as well as after
3. Course offerings
4. Class size
5. Internships (1 year programs don't usually have internship opportunities)
6. Opportunity cost - a 2 year program will obviously require you to go without an income for a longer period of time

This is a difficult decision, but one you should feel good about in the end. I suggest reaching out to the admissions committee at both schools to see if they can put you in touch with students and alumni who might help shed some light on the programs.


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