Schools to apply with a 680???

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Schools to apply with a 680???

by viidyasagar » Thu Nov 18, 2010 8:52 pm
Would love your take on my profile

Age: 28 now
No of times taken the GMAT: thrice (600-590-680)

Profile summary: I have over 4 years of strategy consulting experience, including about 6-8 months of international assignments, have been a radio host in Mumbai for over 2.5 years, solid community service for over 4 years, and a moderator at this wonderful forum: BTG. I recently won an award for the best employee at my firm (top ten consulting firm), within 3 months of joining the firm. My GPA is 3.0 as per WES. (hope their evaluation is valid)

My GMAT breakup (Q 49 (86 percentile), V 34(68 percentile) for a 680).

My biggest achievement, though, came last year when i quit my consulting job bang in the middle of recession to pursue freelance consulting opportunities. During these 12 months, i single-handedly initiated and implemented a technology transformation project at All India radio (local government radio station) with results to show, Similarly, i executed several freelance engagements before deciding to re-join Consulting.

Target schools: My target schools are/ were Wharton, HBS, Chicago Booth, Kellogg, Insead, Said, Judge and ISB in that order.

But now, it would be great to know the best schools i should apply to with a realistic chance of getting in.

Additional information

Best employee' award at my firm - At my firm, awards are given out every quarter. I led a 5 member team to recommend a business strategy for an Operations Research association aiming to increase membership. It was a "high stakes" project, executed to the satisfaction of the client.

Why you left your job to pursue your own consulting opportunities - I wasn't having adequate impact in my role at my last firm. Assignments were gravitating more towards research than consulting. At the same time, i saw an excellent opportunity to transform a radio station....through my contacts i had projects i could execute from home, basically opportunity cost viz-a-viz impact/ satisfaction of work tilted in favor of this decision

why you then rejoined your consulting firm - going freelance was never a permanent career decision. Post the radio project...(the radio project went on for over 6 months), i took up other work i had committed to, but once that was over...i started looking for a job again...In India, it's very tough for a non-mba to break into a top consulting firm....i think my experience as a freelancer made my entry into a "branded" consulting firm possible.

what are my career goals - CONSULTING at one of the top 3 strategy consulting firms....(Mc, BC, etc.) job now doesn't involve facing clients directly, it's more remote work supporting my firm's consultants around the world...

Also, am looking at schools with excellent general management programs, and good access to consulting

tx for helping

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by Cindy Tokumitsu » Sun Dec 19, 2010 5:03 pm

I appreciate your using the phrase "realistic chance" because I can "never say never" for obvious reasons - but still, there are some judgments to make about what applications are really worth the effort, time, and expense. It totally makes sense to apply to reasonable reaches and on-pars, and sometimes safeties. Among your list, I'd say Wharton and HBS are very high reaches. Chicago, Kellogg, Insead, and ISB are reasonable reaches (and they vary within that category), and the remaining schools are on-pars.

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Cindy Tokumitsu
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