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Best Programs in Technology/Information Management

Figure out where you wish to apply
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Hello! I'm interested in a Master's/MBA in Information/Technology Management or CIS. I'm looking for programs that really emphasize technical aptitude and growth, as my goal is to work in User Experience Design or Information Consulting.

My Stats:
Undergrad: Large state public school, well-ranked Business school, honors college
Major: Business/Supply Chain Management
GPA: 3.99
GMAT: Taking in March, but I'm confident I can reach high 600's-710
Work: 3 years at a Fortune 100 company working in Supply Chain/Logistics within various functions with increasing responsibility
Supplemental Education: C++, Java, and Python programming classes to meet minimum programming competency requirements

Master's Programs:
1) Berkeley Information School - Master of Information Management and Systems
2) Carnegie Mellon MBA
3) ????

Any other suggestions of programs to look into?