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MBA in Marketing - international focus?

Figure out where you wish to apply
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MBA in Marketing - international focus?

by Marina1 » Fri Apr 09, 2010 2:28 pm
I am considering going straight for my MBA after graduating from college. I am American and go to a top 20 school in the US.

I do have work experience from internships and some unique experience as a market/trend researcher in Tokyo for more than one year (9 months part time, 3 months full time), but I have always been a student while doing these things. I would say overall I've had 6 months of full time experience and 1 year of part time experience - besides having a job in Tokyo, I've done one business internship and one consulting internship.

My major is in linguistics - I've done no formal coursework in business - which is part of the reason I want to get an MBA straight out of school. My other goal is an international experience. I would like the chance to live somewhere in Europe for a year or two. I'm fairly fluent in Japanese (after studying it for years and years) but I don't have any European languages under my belt yet.

My questions are:

--What are the best schools for an MBA with a marketing focus? I'm particularly interested in programs in Europe.

--What are the best schools for younger students like myself, especially those coming straight from university?

--What are schools with an international focus? I've looked at the double-degree program HEC offers, and something like that where I can spend time in two places (UK and France or US and France) sounds appealing. But I would like to spend most or all of my time abroad for my degree.

--Finally, what does everyone think about my chances of getting into a highly ranked MBA program without formal work experience - but a unique, fairly long-term marketing job in Tokyo?

Any thoughts and comments would be appreciated!