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HULT Shanghai Vs HULT Boston

Figure out where you wish to apply
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Do you think China is the future of all growth ?

US will stage a comeback soon
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HULT Shanghai Vs HULT Boston

by wingsoffire » Mon Jan 16, 2012 9:14 pm
Hi Eric & Team of Experts.

I need an opinion on pursuing an MBA from HULT Shanghai.
Here is what I think:
1)As much as I value the US MBA, my fear is being from India I may not find a job on completion of the MBA. The US MBA really works out expensive since the Dollar has gone upto INR 53.

2)Also pursuing an MBA from the US & then looking for a Job in APAC may not be the smartest thing to do - correct me if I am wrong-loan repayment issues.

3)S'pore & Japan were hailed in the early 90's to become superpowers ,while they have been successful , still far away from becoming the ultimate superpower-in terms of economic might. US still calls the shots & will continue to ferment tension in APAC so that they hold onto their vantage position.

4) Hult is an unknown brand in China so i am unsure how recruiters will see it in Shanghai.

5)The profs who teach in Boston & SF are supposed to be good , but I am not sure if they do visit Shanghai.

6)Boston has a lot of colleges & that presents a huge networking opportunity, not sure if the same will happen in Shanghai. Industry Bigwigs visit Boston -which can be a meet, greet & share CV opportunity.

7) What are the VISA issues I will face on completion of the course in Shanghai vs What I will face in the US.

Infact all this raises serious questions about the very feasibility of Hult itself. Experts please provide qualitative & quantitative inputs. Thanks in advance.

Interms of profile I have more than 5 years work ex in Sales & Marketing. I hope to transition out of Sales into Marketing & Strategy entirely on completion of my MBA.

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by wingsoffire » Thu Jan 19, 2012 3:59 am
Y no replies on this ...Is HULT a bad school ?

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by Hult Support » Mon Jan 23, 2012 2:12 am
Hello and thanks for your interest in Hult. You have lots interesting questions here so we'd like to put you in direct contact with someone from Hult who can answer them with accuracy. For instance, regarding visas it's a case by case basis of course. Our professors do rotate campuses as well so it's dependent on the courses and electives you select. If you send these enquiries to admissions@hult.edu then a representative will contact you asap to answer any questions you may have. Hope this helps?

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by Monkey125 » Mon Feb 11, 2013 4:10 pm
I wont ever recommend Hult mba. Friends in debt, very bad experience. Recruiters push, poor standards and english. Americans and british dont know the school and are the minority in class, for a good reason. Dont make same mistake as many indians did, including myself. For profit school, worst investment ever made. But your choice. Search for hult bad mba or hult bad experience or hult fraud, hult spam, hult scam in google and you'll find so much info. But your choice, time and money.