Mohsen Improved His GMAT Score By 160 Points From 580 To 740 With Target Test Prep

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Mohsen started his GMAT journey using secondhand prep books. When he didn’t hit his goal score, he went to GMAT Club for advice regarding how to prepare more effectively. It was then that he learned about TTP. “I signed up for the $1 trial. Right off the bat, I loved the structure and the organization,” says Mohsen.

Team TTP provided a personalized study plan for Mohsen to follow to achieve his target score while balancing a busy work schedule, and the impact of using TTP became clear when Mohsen took the GMAT. “There were quant questions that I solved in 10-15 seconds,” says Mohsen. As for seeing his final score, 740 (Q49/V41), Mohsen reveals, “I couldn’t believe it - I jumped out of my chair! Got the score I wanted, thanks to TTP.”

What’s stopping you from earning your dream score? Mohsen started with the TTP $1 full-access trial, and you can too. See for yourself why so many business school hopefuls recommend the TTP GMAT course. With comprehensive lessons, thousands of practice questions, and powerful analytics, we’ve got you covered!

Watch Mohsen's GMAT journey here.

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There were quant questions that I solved in 10-15 seconds
That's the power of effective prep!
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