Is GMAT Tutoring Worth It?

by Target Test Prep, Nov 28, 2022

If you’re preparing for the GMAT to apply to business schools, you may be considering different types of preparation resources. Or you may be wondering how to speed up your progress or more easily learn topics you’ve found particularly challenging.

In any of these cases, you may be wondering whether GMAT tutoring would be helpful for you and whether GMAT tutoring is worth the cost. So, in this post, I’m going to discuss some key aspects of GMAT tutoring that you can consider to determine whether GMAT tutoring is worth it for you.

Let’s begin by discussing the advantages of GMAT tutoring.

What Are the Advantages of GMAT Tutoring?

To determine whether GMAT tutoring is worth it, we first need to know how exactly it can be beneficial. So, let’s consider the main advantages of working with a GMAT tutor.

GMAT Tutoring Can Help You Learn Faster

The most basic benefit of working with a private GMAT tutor is that a tutor can speed up the learning process by showing you concepts, strategies, and other things in ways tailored to you. Yes, a book or a course could explain how to answer various types of quantitative and verbal GMAT questions. At the same time, a tutor can show you how to answer questions in ways that you personally understand.Also, if you’re confused, a tutor can help you address what you don’t understand, so that you learn quickly.

A Tutor Can Help You Optimize How You Prepare

In addition to helping you learn specific things, a tutor can help you organize your preparation and find approaches to preparing that work well for you. This advantage of working with a tutor can make a huge difference because, often, GMAT students don’t learn as fast or as well as they would if they prepared more effectively. So, by helping you optimize how you prepare, a tutor can save you time and help you get better results.

A Tutor Can Diagnose Reasons Why a Student Is Having Trouble

Often GMAT students aren’t making the progress that they expected to make, or they find that their performance is plateauing and aren’t sure why. An experienced tutor can figure out what’s going on by talking with a student and observing what the student is doing. Then, the tutor can make recommendations regarding what the student can do differently to get better results.

An Experienced GMAT Tutor Can Provide Information Not Found Elsewhere

Another key benefit of working with a GMAT tutor is that a good tutor will have deep expertise in the GMAT and so can provide information that you wouldn’t get anywhere else. A GMAT class or the Official Guides can provide only so much information, and that information will generally be limited to what is useful to the average GMAT student. In contrast, a tutor can be a source of all kinds of little-known information that applies specifically to you and what you need to accomplish in order to achieve your GMAT score goal.

A Tutor Can Help You Identify and Change Habits and Ideas That Are Holding You Back

A perhaps less commonly known benefit of working with a GMAT tutor is that a tutor can help you identify things that you habitually do or firmly believe that aren’t actually working for you. One of the main things that can make learning difficult is having habits or ideas that seem to make sense to you but aren’t actually effective or valid. Of course, the fact that they seem to make sense to you can make identifying and changing them on your own challenging. On the other hand, a tutor observing from the outside can more easily identify such habits or ideas, explain how they’re holding you back, and help you change them.

A GMAT Tutor Can Support You Through the Preparation Process

One more benefit private tutors can provide is general support. As you can imagine or may have already experienced, the process of preparing for the GMAT has its ups and downs and moments when you’re wondering what to do next and whether what you’re doing is going to work. An experienced tutor has been through the GMAT preparation process many times and can help you remain motivated, confident, and on track.

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