How to Ace an MBA Interview

by ARINGO, Jun 10, 2022


Let’s say you make it through the initial application process for a top MBA program. You filled out your application properly, wrote a killer essay, did well on the GMAT, and impressed the admissions committee with your resume and work history. Now you will receive a call from the Admissions Team. They’ll want to schedule a time and date for an interview with them. Here, are some MBA interview tips:

The MBA interview gives the admissions team a chance to firsthand witness your social and communication skills. They want to see how well you present yourself in your posture, eye contact, wardrobe, and ability to give thorough succinct answers to questions. You’ll only get one opportunity to ace the interview, so don’t mess it up.

Below are five tips on how to impress the admissions officer at the MBA interview.

1) Research the MBA program and school

An admissions officer will test your knowledge of their MBA program and business school. They want to see if you’ve done your research or not. If you come to the interview with vast amounts of knowledge about the MBA program, they will be very impressed. It will indicate that you are serious about becoming an MBA student at their top-ranked school.

2) Dress Professionally

Professional attire is essential for an MBA interview. You need to dress as if you were going to step into an executive position at a Fortune 500 company. Men should wear suits and ties to the interview. Women should wear pantsuits, dresses or long skirts with a jacket.

3) Practice the Interview

Practice makes perfect. Ask a colleague or friend to sit and help you practice the interview. Try to practice for at least 30 minutes to an hour on the day before the interview. Have your partner ask you the questions that you expect to be asked during the interview. Practice answering them with confidence and clarity. Here are common interview questions to start with.

4) Stay Authentic

Stay authentic in the MBA interview. Do not try to lie to the interviewer by exaggerating your work history or educational experience. It is best to show humility and be honest about your misfortunes or mistakes. They will consider that as a sign of maturity and professionalism, which are two positive things in their eyes. They want to hear how you learned from the mistake and have applied this learning to the next situation or plan to do so in the future.

5) Ask Questions

Don’t let the interviewer ask all the questions. Feel free to ask them questions too. Ask them about the MBA experiences of other students and the overall culture of the school. These should not be questions related to the history of the school, but rather about the personal experiences of other students.

6) Virtual Interviews

Many programs have started hosting virtual interviews. They can be prerecorded interview questions that you have 30 seconds to respond to or they can be live interviews via Zoom or Skype platforms. A few key items to ensure prior to the interview is that you have a solid internet connection – an interview with a top MBA program may be worth a trip to the library or other location with a secure internet connection. You will also want to declutter the background of your video, ensuring there are no distractions or even noisy background settings. For additional insights about specific school virtual interviews, click here.

To prepare for your MBA interview, here are some sample questions: