Planning to go to a top business school in a few years? This is what you need to do

by ARINGO, May 12, 2022


A top business school receives thousands of applications from interested candidates every year. If you plan to go to a top business school within the next few years, you must make preparations now rather than later. Everything you do throughout high school, undergraduate school, and beyond will impact your acceptance eligibility for a top MBA program. To review the basics of the Admissions Process, please visit the following link:

Below are the top four things you need to do before applying to a top business school.

1) Excel in Your Academic Classes

If you still have a few years left of your bachelor’s degree, it is not too late to improve your GPA. You’ll want to have the highest GPA possible before applying to a top business school.

Your target GPA should be 3.7 or higher, but you could get away with a 3.5 GPA if you do everything else well. Contact your desired business school and ask them about their GPA requirements to find out more information.

2) Study for the Graduate Management Admission Test/ Graduate Record Examination

Most graduate schools and top business schools require applicants to take the GMAT or GRE. These are admissions tests that measure your analytical writing skills, critical thinking, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning.

The exams are not related to business. However, top business schools feel it is essential for their students to possess these advanced skillsets to succeed in academically rigorous graduate-level courses like accounting and finance. That is why you need to prepare for the GMAT/GRE before you take it. Most candidates study for 6-8 weeks for the exam and often take it more than once to earn a score above 700.

3) Prepare a professional MBA Resume

An MBA program application to a top business school will require more than filling out basic information about yourself. You need to prepare your application as if you were applying for a top-level executive position.

In other words, you must create a professional-looking resume that clearly outlines your work history, education history, achievements, and skills. You will also need letters of recommendation to support what you have articulated in your resume and essays.

An MBA resume is different from a professional resume and/or a CV. The committee is less interested in your responsibilities and more focused on what you have accomplished within your role, department, and company. If you are not in a common role or work at a typical feeder company for MBA programs, you should include a company description that will illustrate the size of the business, and the main product or services offered. You should use numbers and percentages to illustrate your impact.

4) Write a Strong Essay

Top business schools pay close attention to the admissions essays attached to the application. They want to see essays that are motivational, well-written, personal, authentic, and detailed.

After you write your essay, don’t send it to the admissions department just yet. It would be wise to ask your friends, family members, or a Mentor to critique the essay first. Listen to their feedback carefully without any resentment or hurt feelings. If your social circle is less familiar with MBA programs, it is wise to enlist the services of an MBA consultant to gain the best perspective and vantage point.

The idea is to listen to their feedback and consider their recommendations. Once you have a consensus that your college essay is superb, you can send it to the school for review. Here are some essay tips.