B-Schooled Podcast Episode #70: Why Now?

by Stacy Blackman Consulting, Oct 4, 2021

You may have thought about why you want to pursue an MBA overall, but would you have a solid response if someone pressed you on why you need to go back to school right now?

Sometimes, “Why now?” is an essay question that programs ask directly. But more often than not it’s something you should end up covering in an essay response even if there isn’t a question about it.

For certain MBA hopefuls – especially those who are younger or older than the majority of other applicants – it’s a topic that’s critical to address in their materials. Questions around the timing of your MBA could also be asked in an interview. So in short, you need to be ready to explain yourself!

This episode covers common reasons why applicants need an MBA now and a few exercises you can do to articulate your own strong response, as well as things you should never say.

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