6-Step Approach for GMAT Sentence Correction Questions [video]

by Manhattan Review, Aug 21, 2020


In order to obfuscate grammatical errors, the GMAT will often hide simple mistakes within long, convoluted sentences. Manhattan Review has used our years of experience preparing students for the GMAT to develop a six-step approach to Sentence Correction (SC) questions. This introduction video goes over the process to help test-takers gain an understanding of the steps they will need to take to tackle SC questions. Our clients love this approach as they feel it helps to demystify the process of finding grammatical errors and also helps them to efficiently use the time provided. Having a specific strategy in mind helps test-takers to avoid test-day jitters, keeping focus on the problem at hand. When our six-step system is used properly, efficiency improves, as does accuracy. For test-takers looking to raise their GMAT Verbal score, having a proven strategy on SC questions gives the most return on the study time invested.
Watch our video here to learn more about Manhattan Review's 6-step approach to GMAT SC questions.

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