How to Rock the Video Statement in Your MBA Application

by Stacy Blackman Consulting, Aug 26, 2019

An increasing number of MBA applications now include the use of an online video statement, where you must either introduce yourself to future classmates, or record responses to one or more short-answer prompts, before your application is considered complete.

Why do schools add this extra step?

These videos help the admissions team make better decisions about which candidates are the strongest match with the program. Plus, it can help identify applicants who, while not quite as strong on paper, may actually be the diamonds in the rough that enrich the learning experience for all.

The new format also strengthens the written essays by demonstrating the candidates verbal/visual communication skills.The adcom has seen what you have going for you on paper. A video interview can give them a better sense of your personality. It can also help them judge whether or not the real you matches the impression youve built through your other materials.

This potentially awkward format requires you to think on your feet and record your answer to a question (or questions) while speaking into your computer screen. It's a new format for many and one that requires some rehearsal in order to become comfortable conversing with a computer screen.

Don't let the video statement stress you out

If you have an upcoming video interview or statement for schools including INSEAD, Yale SOM, Michigan Ross or Wharton, practice is essential to success. Unfortunately, video statements and essays can be a source of major stress for already-anxious prospective students.

But heres some good news: the reality is that its unlikely you will totally bomb your statement or essay answers. Just make sure you understand what your programs video rules are before you start the camera rolling.

Here are some video-specific tips, some of which we recently shared with Find MBA:

  • Prepare (and practice) succinct responses for all of the typical MBA-related questions: Why Program X, Why an MBA overall, Why now, What are your career goals, Summarize your career to date, and so on.

  • Then practice by adding some fun questions and responses into the mix: Review the last book you read/movie you saw/TV show you watched; What is your favorite song and why; Wheres the best place youve gone on vacation, et cetera.
  • Record yourself answering these questions. Have a trusted friend review your responses and tell you how youre coming off. Tweak your style accordingly.

With just a little bit of confidence and preparation, you could give a response that makes the adcom think, We justhaveto meet this person!

SBC can help you make a great impression with your video statement

Stacy Blackman Consulting has an online video platform that grants you unlimited practice doing exactly this. You can answer from a wide menu of questions, record yourself, watch and assess, tweak and try again.

Invest just 30 minutes a night. You'll reap the benefits of increased comfort level and more articulate answers when you have your live interview. You can even choose an interview to submit to the SBC team for review and professional written feedback.

Set yourself up for success with this small investment and rock your video interviews. Purchase your package here today.


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