The GMAT Official Guide 2018 Edition – Part 4

by , Jul 13, 2017

1_2018In the previous three installments of this series, I summarized some of the big messages and discussed some of the interesting problems I spotted in the 2018 edition of The Official Guide for GMAT Review. (If youd like, you can start with the first installmentand work your way back here.)

Today, Ive got lists for youthe problems that are new to OG 2018 (by chapter and problem number).

Question Difficulties

As always in the OG, the question number indicates the relative difficulty levelhigher-numbered questions within one chapter are generally harder than lower-numbered questions in that same chapter. If you compare the question numbers of the dropped vs. new questions in the two quant chapters, you may notice that a greater number of higher-level questions were dropped than were replacedin other words, the average difficulty of quant questions in the OG has decreased a bit. (Of course, there are still plenty of hard questions in the book.)

Weve heard that there are plans to release a future product with a focus on higher-level / harder quant questions. I dont have an actual release date for you, so until that product is released, I would first direct you toward the official GMAT Focus product for even harder quant questionswith one caveat.

GMAT Focus is adaptive; in other words, you get what you earn. If your quant skills really are up there, then greatyoull earn the harder (or hardest!) questions in GMAT Focus. If your quant skills arent there yet but you just feel like you should study harder questions, then suppress that impulse for now. First, do what you need to get your skills up before you dive into GMAT Focus. (I would argue that, in this circumstance, you might feel like you should do harder stuff, but youre not actually ready for it yet, since you cant yet earn that material in an adaptive setting. There are still things to be learned at a lower level, so dont try to shortcut the overall learning process.)

As I mentioned in the first part of this series, the Diagnostic chapter (chapter 3) has not changed at all. The five question-type-specific chapters have all added new questions. Here they are!

Problem Solving (Chapter 5)

Data Sufficiency (Chapter 6)

Reading Comprehension (Chapter 7)

Note: RC data is grouped by passage.

Critical Reasoning (Chapter 8)

Sentence Correction (Chapter 9)

Thats itall 122 new questions in the big OG. Have fun trying them out. Go forth and learn!