Make the Most of Each MBA Application Component

by Stacy Blackman Consulting, Jan 9, 2016

As you pull together your MBA application materials for Round 2, try to think of each component as an opportunity to tell the Adcom something new about yourself.

What we mean is, dont simply copy and paste bullet points from your resume into your data forms. Offer up new details when you supply responses for fields such as role responsibilities, key accomplishments, or biggest challenge.

Similarly, if you focused on your volunteer work in one of your essays, highlight a different extracurricular activity in your data forms or resume. And dont have your recommenders tout the exact same significant achievement in their letters that you already covered elsewhere.

Certain aspects of your package, such as your GMAT/GRE score and your undergraduate GPA, are truly data points in the most literal sense of the word. But everything else should be viewed as complementary chapters of an interesting storya story about you.

After the Adcom is finished reviewing all of your materials, they should have an understanding of your personality, what youve achieved, what your goals are, and what you could offer their program.

Your test scores, transcripts and GPA will tell them something about your capacity to handle their curriculum. Your resume shows your career progression, increased responsibilities and demonstrated results. Depending on the school, some data forms offer a chance to add color to personal and professional achievements.

Your recommendation letters can offer even more proof of your leadership potential. And your essays can give them a sense of your voice, as well as provide insight into what makes you tick or what youre passionate about.

Its a good thing that the AdCom will be judging you on your entire package, though, right? Were all so much more than just our jobs, our grades, or our volunteer experience.

Think of it this way:

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