Grockit GMAT Course Lessons Now Available for Free!

by , Dec 22, 2010

We're making sections of Grockit's GMAT Course available to stream online for free! The course is taught by Grockit Founder Farb Nivi and covers the entire GMAT curriculum in 16 hours of instruction.

Stay tuned to Beat the GMAT for more lessons to be posted every day for the next couple of weeks. To watch more videos now go to:

Lesson 1: Course Intro and Critical Reasoning: Farb introduces facts and resources on the GMAT.


See Part 2 of this lesson by clicking "Read More"!

Lesson 1 provides students with an overview and introduction to the GMAT and Grockit's suggested approach to tackling it. By becoming a 'GMAT Robot', students can focus on what's most important during test day and not on other potential distractions. Lesson 1 also introduces students to some preliminary strategies for the Critical Reasoning portion of the exam.

Lesson 1, Part 2: Critical Reasoning: Farb goes over the structure of the Critical Reasoning section and explains the 'Conclusion-Assumption-Premise' (CAP) Strategy.