MBA Profile Evaluation

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MBA Profile Evaluation

by sudhk » Thu Mar 21, 2019 1:41 pm
Hi everyone, I planing to apply for B-schools in 2019 for Masters in Finance
Nationality: Indian
1.B.Sc from B.H.U Varanasi
CGPA: 6.3/10

2. M.Sc from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
CGPA: 8.6/10

3.M.Tech from IIIT Hyderabad

Currently working as Research Scholar till I get a Admit.
GMAT: 750

Work Experience: 0

Coursera courses done:
1.Trading Strategies in Emerging Markets
2.Global Financial Markets and Instruments

1. SURGE fellowship from IIT Kanpur
2. GATE fellowship for M.Tech

Positions Held during college:
Was Class Representative during my M.Sc

Social work done:
Taught poor students chemistry during my free time.It was a hobby of mine and I don't have certificates for it.

I am thinking about applying to ms programs in Krannert, HEC Paris, Esade,Mcgill, HEC Montreal
Which college I should apply more Kindly suggest and please review the choices of college I have selected

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by Abhyank » Thu Jul 18, 2019 10:18 pm
Hey There,

Starting with your masters, the fact that you studied at a good college with a solid reputation bodes well for you, but it can only get you so far. Your CGPA is decent, but not great, this can be compensated by highlighting your extracurriculars in the essays.
Your GMAT again, is great. You have a fair chance at LBS, LSE and HEC Paris.In addition to this, education from various top Indian Universities and SURGE and Gate fellowships from IIT Kanpur further provides evidence of your academic capability and would work as an asset especially while applying to the top 10 B schools. Besides these academic achievements, an internship with an NGO reflects experience of community work and helps in establishing you as a people's person.
Your internships and fellowships at established industry leaders is a good sign, and you need to come up with strong application essays to highlight the impact of the work that you did there. While b-schools care about where you did your internship, what they care more about is what you did there.

In addition to having a stellar application, in terms of the essays and LORs that you submit. We can surely help you with that, like the thousands of applicants that we have already, with a 92% success rate.

You can get a detailed profile evaluation for free by clicking this link:

Hope this helped!
Abhyank Srinet
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by Inventing Minds » Wed Jul 24, 2019 7:41 pm
Your profile seems academically good. But more than academics the diversity looks even better -BSc and MSc - I presume it was in chemistry, although yo have not mentioned the subject. That apart, IT and now finance - this makes your profile pretty strong. Diversity is the key word for top universities. The only weak point is your extra-curriculars - you need to build strong extra-curriculars.

Have you ever wondered why Universities like to know your extra-curricular activities and involvement in social work, sports, adventure etc?

This is because imagination does not blossom unless you explore the diverse and difficult terrain of the real world. For, in this infinite planet, what we learn in our educational curriculum is negligible compared to the wisdom we can gain by our active association to the earth we inhabit. Thus, looking widely beyond academic learning and showing your responsive nature to the planet reflects one's ability to propel ahead in a fast evolving and diversely rich world. Sir Albert Einstein had remarked, "The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination." Moreover, extra-curriculars add to leadership, broadens vision as also it imparts courage and conviction.

The education system in USA and Europe is much different from that of India - rather than just looking at your past academic scores, they put more emphasis on your potential for future innovation and value creation - for the essence of education lies in bringing about positive change to the world we live in. Your profile suggests you are very keen to explore multiple areas and find new answers - this element of innovator inside you needs to be emphasized strongly.

After addressing the key points above, you can apply to top 20 b-schools for Masters in Finance.

Admissions Consultant.