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Looking for guidance regarding Masters/MBA choices

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Greetings everyone!

Hope this message finds you well

I'm currently looking for guidance regarding my master's or MBA choices. I'm currently in a crossroads in my career, where I have two choices:

1) Continue working in my career, develop myself professionally by reading books and taking online business courses, alongside professional experience


2) Take the leap and start a master's degree/MBA, which will allow me to develop my weak spots such as finance and accounting, be exposed to the latest thinking and trends in business, and develop myself as a well-rounded general manager. I also see the degree/MBA as an asset that will help me both personally and professionally.

However, I'm not sure whether it's the right step in my career now. Is it worth the time, investment, and opportunity cost? Also, given my age (33), should I apply for a full-time MBA or an Executive one?

I'm Male, 33 years, work as General Manager in the retail industry. I manage a cross-functional team across various business functions such as operations, logistics, merchandising, marketing and finance and accounting. My GPA from undergraduate was 3.57/4.00 (High Honors), and I studied abroad in the US and traveled to several countries. I'm passionate about traveling, history, music, learning, technology, and charity/social development.

I'm not sure about 3 things, which I was hoping an admission consultant can help me with:

1) Should I do the MBA now, or wait till later in my career? Given family circumstances and current economic recession, I think now is the right choice, but not sure if it's worth the investment and forging my salary for 1 year, or double the effort in case of an executive MBA.
2) Which format of the MBA is better for me? Full-time or Executive? Online isn't an option because I also want to make real professional connections while studying.
3) Which master's degree/MBA is the right choice? I see there are MBAs that offer a general management curriculum then electives where you specialize in your area of choice. There're also specialist master degrees that offer similar content, however, they focus more on one area such as marketing, entrepreneurship, finance...etc.

Which is the right choice?

Thank you in advance for helping

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by Michelle@ARINGO » Wed Jun 19, 2019 12:17 am
Hi there,
I recommend reading this article for more details on the various degrees and the comparison between them: https://aringo.com/mba-vs-emba-vs-mim/
Feel free to contact us for further consultation, good luck!
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Hi MBA.Aspirant.2020, you may find this article about the ROI of an MBA helpful as well as this one about whether you're a good candidate for an Executive MBA. Good luck!
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