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MIT LGO Profile Eval

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MIT LGO Profile Eval

by cwbrett » Mon Jun 03, 2019 11:59 am
Hello all, considering applying for LGO program for 2021.
GRE Score: Verbal 162/ Quantitative 164/ Analytical Writing 3.5
GMAT: Starting to study for next year
BSc: Biological Engineering, Cornell University 2015
GPA: 3.47
Work Experience:
2.5 years in bioag/biofuels R&D
1 year in disruptive pharma startup as a project engineer/manager
15 years of food service
Founding members of company sustainability committee
Goals: Bootstrap series A and B pharma/biotech/food startups into commercial readiness with a focus on operational strategy, infrastructure development, and sustainable growth.

I am a second career engineer. I worked in food service from 2001-2015 with professional culinary training in 2007. I am currently exploring options to get a small value added food company and a recruitment consulting company for engineers and scientists off the ground.
Thanks for any insights.