IR Percentile Ranking Chart - As of October 1st, 2012

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Hey Guys!

I have received several PMs about the IR section scoring and thought I would share the most recent numbers (as of October 1st) and give you a bit of insight on the trend since June!


Now, just a heads up - the mean score has been creeping its way up steadily since the first scores were released (from an initial value just at 4 up to the current 4.3). Percentile rankings of each score also reflect that - lower percentiles at each score mean MORE people are getting scores at or above that level. No need to fret as of yet, I know that we just heard that Stanford isn't even concerned with IR scores for its fall applications (and many of the other top schools are likely doing the same) so contact the admissions folks at your schools of choice and ASK THEM if they care and if so, how much!!

GMAC will be releasing updated percentiles every month for the foreseeable future so check the GMAC site for more IR information! ... enter.aspx

Hope this helps!
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by bynddrvn » Sat Nov 10, 2012 8:19 am
From the official GMAT website, it appears as though these scores are trending a bit below the overall average test scores. Can we infer any changes to the difficulty level of IR questions? ... .aspx[url][/url]