In the figure to the right, is b > a?

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In the figure to the right, is b > a?

by AAPL » Wed Feb 12, 2020 2:50 am
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In the figure above, is \(b > a\)? (Note: Figure is not drawn to scale.)

1) \(a = 35\)
2) \(a < 60\)



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I assume the picture is meant to display straight lines. The angles in a circle add to 360 degrees, so here 3a + 3b = 360, and a + b = 120. So if we know a, we can find b and certainly answer the question, so Statement 1 is sufficient. If a+b = 120 and a < 60, then b > 60 must be true, so from Statement 2, b > a, and each Statement is sufficient. The answer is D.
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