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A recent study conducted by a national market research firm

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A recent study conducted by a national market research firm reported that only 1 1 percent of college bound women would consider an all women's college. It is clear , therefore, that women's colleges must become coeducational if they are to survive

Which of the following additional facts , if true, would most weaken the reasoning above ?

A. Graduate of women's colleges have better records of getting into medical school, law school and other professional schools than do those women graduated from coeducational colleges
B. Fewer than 10 percent of all college bound men would consider attending an all men's college
C. The total capacity of all women's colleges can accommodate only 2 percent of the nation's college bound female students
D. Many women's colleges report a decline in the number of large alumnae contributions over the past few years
E. The total poop of college bound high school graduates is projected to shrink consistently during the next ten years