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Application to Top B-Schools

Share tips as you apply, write essays, interview...
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Application to Top B-Schools

by Arjun25 » Fri Mar 20, 2020 5:18 pm
I am a second year student at one of the top 5 colleges in India for my programme,BBA.I am looking for guidance and tips on how to improve my resume or chances at the top B-schools.
I am going to be applying to
1)Harvard-(Deferred MBA)
2)Wharton-(Deferred MBA)
3)Stanford-(Deferred MBA)
4)Yale-(Deferred MBA)
5)Indian School of Business-Hyderabad-(Deferred MBA).

Along with MiM courses
1)London school of Economics
2)St Galen
3)HEC Paris
and other colleges in Europe.
  • I project my cgpa to be at 7.4 or maybe higher for my graduation(Topper projected gcpa-9.4)
  • GMAT-740
  • Internship at one of the top 3 consulting firms for a month(Will try for more)
  • Won CBSE states in my 12th grade-U-19-Shotput(Gold).Eventually playing CBSE Nationals.
  • Ongoing progress at small scale Sports NGO where we would be teaching kids.
  • Broke various sponsorship records for my college event.
  • Most probably will be the Head of Department for sponsorship.
  • Planning to submit a business plan of dream company i wish to build
Assuming everything above goes my way,Kindly provide me with loads of tips to build my resume either on existing achievements or any new things I should do
Along with my chances at every above mentioned college as excellent,good,moderate and low
I still feel there are a couple of things missing which do not make me at par or above the competition I would be having.
Harvard Business School/Wharton Business school is my main goal.
PS:-I am planning to work with HelpAge India too as a volunteer ,do you thing I should or focus my time someplace else?
I would be really grateful to you for your response.
Thank you !