Where to take the GMAT? France or China

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I will most probably take the GMAT next January or February 2021. However, I am not sure where to take it.

To explain the situation: I am a French national, currently working in China.

Thus, I was initially thinking of taking the GMAT in China... However, I know that the GMAT average score in China is quite high v. other regions of the world.

That is why, I was thinking of going back to France to take the GMAT, where the GMAT average score is lower v. China.

I have asked around me and my friends told me that the location where you take the GMAT (country) doesn't change anything.

However, the nationality does...

For instance, a 730 scored by an European (a French for example) is considered quite high v. a 730 scored by a Chinese is considered average / average - by some business schools.

Thus, if I take my test in China as a French national and I send my test scores to some B-schools, the location wouldn't matter, correct?

Thanks for your answer!

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Absolutely right. Your nationality plays a role in helping compare your score with the group average. So, if you are a French national, your score will be measured keeping in mind the group average of French nationals. So, whether you give your exams in China or France, it should not impact your chances to any business school. Happy applying! If you need any other help, we are delighted to assist you. You can always visit "MBA nad beyond" to book a free session or put a query here :)

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