Help needed in improving verbal score quickly

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I have my GMAT in 20 days. I prepared for 2 months, and have finished all the questions from OG books. I took my first official mock today, and I got a horrible score of 590. And the biggest worrying thing was that it was Q51 V19. I have solved all the SC and CR questions from the OG. And I was able to solve most of the CR questions comfortably in 2 minutes. And my accuracy was not bad in SC either. But today, my speed dropped drastically and I had less than 5 minutes for the last 12 questions. What should I do to quickly improve my score? My reading speed is slow and English is not my native language. I can't improve my reading speed in 20 minutes. Can someone help me here? Also, which practice questions should I try now as I have exhausted all the OG questions? I want to reach 670-680. Is it possible to do that in 20 days?

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I'm in the same case as you. Did you manage to get a higher score ?

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Same here. I am wondering if you can recommend a quick 20 day plan I can follow pls!