HEC - Paris Admission

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HEC - Paris Admission

by patmes123 » Wed Mar 11, 2020 9:36 am
Hey everyone,

Could anyone help me evaluate my profile for European MiMs, especially at HEC-Paris?

- Undergrad :
Bachelor of Commerce, McGill University
- Concentrations:
Business Analytics and Operations
- GPA:
- Work experience:
One year of full-time and an internship
- Nationality:
Canadian (People have told me that this is important for the admission process)

Thank you very much,

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Re: HEC - Paris Admission

by MBA and Beyond » Wed Jul 29, 2020 1:24 am

You have got a decent profile. MiMs are for students who have relatively less or no work experience and that is why to evaluate the potential, the stats need to be a little higher. About that, I feel your GPA is quite fine but Gmat is 10 points less than the average of HEC. For your work ex, along with 'leadership' and 'impact', I would advise you to bring the following in your profile:
1. Solid Acads and Gmat
2. Clear, Informed Global Outlook with a global vision of future
3. How HEC is unique in helping you achieve your goals
4. How you connect your narrative and career vision to HEC’s values

About your doubt of nationality, HEC is very keen on 'global experience' and that's why it seeks people from different nationalities. Other than this, I do not believe it holds any value. What's going to matter most in your applications is how you connect the experiential dots and build a great story. If you’d like we are happy to hop on a call sometime this week to discuss your chances further. Feel free to visit our site 'MBA and Beyond' to schedule a free session with us
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Shantanu Sharma,
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