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2011 applications

Congrats! Tell us how you did it
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2011 applications

by obiter dictum » Sat May 22, 2010 12:59 pm
I'm new to this forum and hoping to get some advice on schools and whether I have a shot at the big-guns!!

Edu background
Undergrad: Combined programme Business and Law (Ireland) 2.1 (GPA 3.6 equiv)
Postgrad: Msc in Finance (Real Estate Investment) (UK) 2.1 (GPA 3.6 equiv)

Work history directly after postgrad
- Analyst - Debt Capital Markets - Origination - 2 years - Top 3 Euro bank
- Associate - Investment Management - Real Estate Fund - 2 years - Top 3 US fund
- Redundant for 5 months (thanks Bear, Fannie, Freddie, Lehman, you know who you are!)
- Founded business during worst recession in a century, managed business (000's of customers), sold business within 10 months for >10x investment
- Taking the summer to work with a U.S charity developing funding proposals for the sponsor country

Letters of rec: Unsure.
- Im considering asking a Dean from my secondary school who I know has written letters for HBS, Wharton, and LBS alumni but I have not kept in contact with him.
- I could also ask a Professor of Finance who wrote my reference for my analyst position. He happens to lecture on a visiting basis with LBS, INSEAD and HBS where he sat his Ph.D. What is the etiquette here, is it appropriate to ask?
- The other options are colleagues with whom I worked. One in particular is now a global head for her product area and would know all my work and background. Decisions...

GMAT: I sat the test to get into my postgrad and hit 650. I didnt have much time to study and certainly did not prepare to the level of some takers on this site. Give me three months of practice and all your advice I hope to hit ~700!!!

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by money9111 » Sun May 23, 2010 9:46 am
in terms of letters of recs... go with your direct supervisor if you can...
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