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Did you know?
  • * Almost 55% of incoming students from traditional backgrounds admit they are not equipped to handle the rigors of analytics, presentations and people skills required to succeed in an MBA.

    * 16-hour days with cut-throat competition in B-schools leave no time for brushing up on concepts beyond the core subjects and building up the soft skills crucial for securing the more desirable and lucrative jobs

    * 9,000 alumni of top MBA programs surveyed for FT 2011's worldwide rankings chose Networking in the top 3 reasons for doing an MBA, yet more than 68% agreed they could not take full advantage of such opportunities in their B-schools

    * More than half of MBA graduates believe that great academic records were not enough and better communication and people skills would have considerably changed their placement record.

    An MBA may well be your most demanding commitment in terms of time, energy and money, so make sure you dive in with the best preparation possible. Let our experts in the field- MBAs from top schools and highly experienced professionals, train you in essential skills beyond the books needed to give a head start to your MBA and your career on the road to success.

Workshop to include the following topics:

Mastering Spreadsheets- Advanced Data Analysis using Excel
The Art of Schmoozing- Leveraging your B-school networks for the best opportunities
Ace the Case- How to prepare and excel at in-class case discussions, using a real Harvard Business School case study
Win With Every Presentation- Polish your skills to deliver the most effective presentations
Resume Builder- Laying a strong foundation for your placement
Panel Discussion- Learning from alumni from top institutions about maximizing your B-school experience

When & Where ?
Date: 8 July 2012
Venue: CrackVerbal Study Center,
near FORUM Mall
Sanctum Technologies Office
Exactly opposite Raheja Arcade
2nd Floor, Megamart Building
80 feet road, Kormangala 7th Block

Time: 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

Register here:
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by mbaguy2012 » Wed Jul 04, 2012 11:06 pm
A really good read