Which Part Time MBA for IT? NYU, USC or Santa Clara

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Dear All,
First of all, I would thank you all of you who study and share all these helpful info.

I would like to ask my big concerns that I have been thinking.
Which school would be best for post MBA among NYU, USC, Berkely or Santa Clara?
I am currently working in NY so NYU is my best option for now but if I think post MBA, I think
those school such as USC, UCLA or Santa Clara would be better since all major IT company is located in CA.
But that is my guessing and I would like to hear from senior or anyone who has any insight.

Current my GMAT is 640 and I am taking again soon.

Here is my basic info.
GPA: 3.4
Experience: 4yrs.
Thank you so much!!


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by [email protected] » Mon May 10, 2010 9:17 am
Berkeley is the highest ranked (Full Time) of the programs you mentioned and it is in the Silicon Valley, the hub of IT activity in the U.S. If you can get in, it's the best bet. Even though you are considering only Part Time programs, Full Time rankings are important because the brand awareness of a school is directly related to its Full Time ranking.

Having said that, NYU is among the top FT and PT programs. You can't go wrong with it either. USC is higher ranked but SCU is in the Silicon Valley, so I would rate them similarly. You will have access to good IT opportunities after any of these programs.

Hope that helps.
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