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Free Anxiety Relief PodCast with City Test Prep and Dominate Test Prep

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Hi all, I was interviewed recently by Brett Ethridge of Dominate Test Prep. Great information if you've got test anxiety and needs some 411 to get over it and out of your own way. And it's Free.

Any questions, reach out directly!

Conventional wisdom tells us that if we study hard, high test scores will inevitably follow. But what if we are unmotivated to study or hampered by fear of failure? Or what happens if when we do study, we are plagued by feeling nervous and anxious, and we are not able to perform to our potential? It's no surprise that if you enter the test feeling anything but focused and calm, you risk a subpar performance. But how does one easily get there?

We answer those questions -- and more -- in this episode of The Dominate Test Prep Podcast as we are joined by Bara Sapir, CEO/Founder of City Test Prep, who shares proven techniques to help students master the "Inner Game" of test preparation.

Specifically, we discuss:

What test anxiety is, and how you can know if you have it;
Anxiety-management tips for the months, weeks, and days leading up to your exam;
The "backwards spin" technique to help you reverse anxiety if it presents itself during the exam itself;
Miscellaneous tools to help you combat anxiety including mindfulness, visualization, EFT, neuro-linguistic programming, and others;
How to simulate the test-day experience as a way to eliminate the unknown and reduce nervousness;
The anxiety-producing effects of unrealistic expectations, and what you can do to recalibrate them for a more growth-minded approach;
And more!
Learn how to employ the very same methods that sports psychologists use with high-performing athletes so that you show up on test day with a sense of calm and assuredness and turn a good score into a great score.

https://podcasts.google.com/?feed=aHR0c ... exbGhzaSNs
Bara Sapir, MA, CHt, CNLP
Founder/CEO City Test Prep
Maximize your Score, Minimize your Stress!
GMAT Badass and Test Anxiety Relief Expert
SPEEDREADING: https://citytestprep.com/mindflow-workshops/
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