Help in getting admission with low GMAT score

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by VP_MBA_Guru » Sun May 11, 2008 10:53 am
Hello ANaik,

Thanks for your post. I understand your confusion! The world of MBA admissions is a confusing (and often frustrating) place!

Without knowing your full profile, if INSEAD is your target school, then you should consider re-taking the GMAT.

As you said, the GMAT is not the only criteria AdCom will look at. But it is important factor and since your highest score (610) is toward the bottom of their range, you will have to make up significant points in other areas of your application (GPA, Work Exp, Essays, LOR).

Also, have you considered other schools? If you decide you do not want to retake the GMAT, there could be some other programs with lower GMAT standards that could fit your program interests.

Good luck!

Nikhil P. | Admissions Consultant | Veritas Prep