Counting (permutations & combinations)

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- Listing and Counting: Learn one of the first strategies you should consider when you encounter a counting question.

- Fundamental Counting Principle (FCP) : Learn how to apply the Fundamental Counting Principle.

- GMAT counting strategies - part I: Learn some basic strategies to consider whenever you encounter a counting question.

- Factorial notation: Learn some notation required for many counting questions.

- Handling restrictions: Learn two strategies for handling restrictions in counting questions.

- MISSISSIPPI rule: Learn how to arrange objects when some objects are identical.

- Introduction to combinations: Learn how combinations work.

- When to use combinations: Learn how to determine whether a question is a combination question.

- Calculating combinations in your head: Learn a quick way to calculate combinations in your head.

- GMAT counting strategies - part II: Review all of the strategies that can be applied to counting questions.

Combinations and Non-Combinations - Part I: ... %93-part-i

Combinations and Non-Combinations - Part II: ... 93-part-ii

Combinations and Non-Combinations - Part III: ... 3-part-iii

GMAT Math vs. School Math - Part II - Counting: ... i-counting
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