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Help to start GMAT preparation! (Want to aim for 700-750)

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I am John S A from Bangalore. I have 4.5 yrs experience in IT industry as of now. I really dream of going for an E-MBA in 2010 and am mainly looking for ISB. And I wish to give the GMAT by June 2009.

I have bought Official Guide 11th Ed. And I have some online tests software also with me.

To hint about my current level, I gave an online mock test and was pathetic on verbal.

Maths+Data Suff : Average (score 35)
Verbal : SC- very poor 1/10, CR -very poor 0/10, RC - Medium 6/10
So, I really need to focus on Verbal part.

I can prepare for around 1-2 hours daily since I am working (300 hrs totally). I have seen may books, forums, online tests, tutorials, etc etc etc...

I am really confused on how and where to start. Could anyone please help me to list the needed materials to get a GMAT score of 700-750. I mean, in an order which all materials I could start with and end with.

I am ready to buy books. But dont want to spent much on buying a lot which keeps me confused. When I see everything together I get tensed up/greedy to learn and cannot even concentrate on anything.

I really urge help from somebody who have got above 700, to guide me with a good time effective strategy to give the GMAT in 6 mnths.

Also I ask you to comment on my chances to get for an E-MBA in ISB.
My Work Ex : 4.5 (5+ by the time I join)
BTech : 74%
I was an average in my extra curricular activities. Nothing much I can boast of. So, can I get an admission in ISB if I get a score above 700?

Thanks a lot in advance.

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by VP_Jim » Mon Oct 27, 2008 11:56 am
Definitely, the best books to get you started are the OG11 (orange book) and the two supplements (green and purple books). The verbal supplement is purple - I highly recommended buying it.

As for how to study, real improvement comes through analysis. After you do a problem, you need to break it down. Break down the question stem, then break down and analyze every answer choice. You need to understand why the right answer is right AND why the wrong answer is wrong. As a general guideline, when I studied for the GMAT I spent roughly five minutes analyzing every problem. Some took one minute, and some took 20 minutes.

Also, a great way to improve verbal is just to start reading well written material in English, whether it is a book, magazine, newspaper, whatever. This will really help set a solid foundation in grammar and logic, which is necessary in all three verbal question types.

Good luck!
Jim S. | GMAT Instructor | Veritas Prep