Beat the GMAT with Empower!

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Beat the GMAT with Empower!

by mguibas11 » Sun Jan 19, 2020 5:05 pm
The Empower GMAT program really works!

I first took the GMAT a few months ago after using the Manhattan GMAT test prep app. I seemed to be scoring well on the practice questions, so I thought the test would be a breeze. I was wrong! I quickly found I had a pacing problem. Additionally, I had not learned the tips and tricks to triage questions. As an engineer, I wanted to solve every quant problem. This (as many of you probably know) is definitely not the smartest strategy when taking the test.

I scored a 650 on my first attempt and felt I could do much better with a focused study plan. After shopping around for some test prep services, I was shocked to see how much money some other companies wanted for a study plan. Truth be told, I settled on Empower mainly because I found it to be the most fairly priced test prep course available. Additionally, they offer a score boost guarantee, so there was no risk in giving it a try.

I very quickly realized that the Empower study program was far superior to what I experienced with Manhattan. There are multiple study plans available depending on your goals. The material actually breaks down the strategies required to beat the test. They show you how to answer questions in the most efficient way possible, which really helped fix my pacing problem. They incorporate Official Guide questions into the study plan and show you how to solve them. Empower also introduces multiple triage tactics and explain why it’s okay to “dump” the really tough questions on the test (and still get a high score).

By the time I took the GMAT again, I felt incredibly prepared. I ended up boosting my score by 60 points over the course of about 6 weeks of studying. In my opinion, there is no better value than Empower’s course. If you follow the plan and heed their advice on test taking strategies, you WILL do well on the GMAT!.

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Re: Beat the GMAT with Empower!

by GurbaniKaurSuri » Sun Jul 26, 2020 9:25 pm
GyanDhan has GMAT Prep resources consolidated at one place to help students in cracking the exam.
GyanDhan even has resources such as IELTS, GRE TOEFL Prep.