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Techniques to increase productivity in the performance of di

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Techniques to increase productivity in the performance of discrete tasks, by requiring less human labor in each step of the production process, are widely utilized. Consultants on productivity enhancement point out, however, that although these techniques achieve their specific goal, they are not without drawbacks. They often instill enough resentment in the workforce eventually to lead to a slowdown in the production process as a whole.

Which of the following conclusions can be most reasonably drawn from the statements above ?

A. Productivity enhancement techniques do not attain their intended purpose and should not be employed in the workplace
B. The fact that productivity enhancement techniques are so widely employed has led to a decline in the ability of American businesses to compete abroad
C. If productivity enhancement consultants continue to utilize these techniques , complete work Stoppard's will eventually result
D. Ironically, an increase in the productivity of discrete tasks may result in a decrease in the productivity of the whole production process
E. Production managers are dissatisfied with the efforts that productivity enhancement consultants have made to increase productivity