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Got beaten by GMAT 640(Q-50,V27)

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Got beaten by GMAT 640(Q-50,V27)

by prajinda » Tue Apr 13, 2010 5:57 am

I appeared for GMAT at Hyderabad India today 13th April 2010.
I am sorry to acknowledge that 13 is really unlucky number as there was a network disruption in the mid of

verbal part of the test.This happened with all the test takers in the

room.When the disruption occurred ,leading to drastic freezing of the

screen and with two weird typical windows error,everyone panicked.I remember that 24 minutes and some 10 seconds were left for me.
We were asked to vacate the room and it was

only after some 5 minutes that we were asked to return to our terminals to resume.But to my surprise,though the test resumed from the same question but with a lag of 2 minutes.The clock seemed to have continued ticking even when the test was stopped.
Not only did the disruption took away some of the precious

time but it also broke the flow.I was in mid of a reading RC passage and i had read it again after resuming the exam,killing me in two ways.I reported the freeze when exactly 24: 12 minutes were left in my

verbal section ,however,when i got the control back the time it showed

me was 25:11.
I was taken aback by this anamoly but decided to concentrate over the

questions instead of talking to the examiner about it
When i saw my score card,i was literally cursing the 13th day that i

chose primarily because the disruption did not only break the flow but

also created an extra psychological pressure.
.Someone might consider a gap of 1 or two minutes negligible but if this was the case people will no more prefix time with adjective "precious".
I dont claim that i would have got an extra 100 points had this disruption

not occurred but yes this disruption indeed had a contribution in lowering my

score .

I called up the customer care and asked me for the incident ID.i called up the test center and after 10 minutes of conversation,i got the incidence number.
The incident id is 202XXXXXX

I understand that GMAC has a very good reputation in conducting the

exam in most unfair fashion in which no candidate is given undue

advantages or disadvantages.I also understand that technical glitches can

happen any time ,but such glitches in no way should impact the

examinees or the ultimate score.

Through this mail,i do not intend to discount the important role that the

test procters played.They were kind enough to try alleviate the tension

but all this went in vain.

I expect some real action on this incidence.

I have reported this issue to PEARSON VUE over phone via customer care and have also sent them a mail.
I am quite depressed with my performance,though not sure how significant was this disruption in lowering my score.

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by subhro » Tue Apr 13, 2010 7:08 am
Bad luck dude. I hope they actually allow you to retake the whole thing without charging extra.
Subhro Kar

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