Is it Good Enough GMAT 680

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Is it Good Enough GMAT 680

by kewldudeer » Sat Sep 16, 2017 8:43 am
I gave my GMAT today and got 680 (Q 50, V32, IR 8). From the 1st GMAT practice exam (650) I knew that sentence correction was going to be my Achilles hill. I tried everything to minimise the damage caused by it, but could not prevent the inevitable. In the end, I was like the sailor stranded in the middle ocean with the knowledge of storm coming towards him and unable to do anything.
But what is done, is done. Lets move ahead:
The next question: Is it enough?
Well, I have been reading about the importance of GMAT Score and where it should be to give yourself a shouting chance. What I have gathered is that it is in the lower range of where one should ideally be, but a score difference between 680 and 710 is hardly the clinching factor in the overall application being accepted or rejected. Am I right in drawing the above conclusion?

Now it all depends upon the type of college you are hoping to get into. For me, ISB India is the target school as I am from India. Other option which I had dwelt upon before the exam and entered as schools in addition to ISB where my score be sent by GMAT are INSEAD, Nanyang Singapore, IMD Switzerland, Ceibs China.
Is it enough for these colleges?
My brief profile:
Electrical Engineer (B tech from NIT Patna) 2010 passport with 81%.
Working in POWERGRID (Central Transmission Utility of India) since 2010 to present heading maintenance, operation of extra high voltage equipment and contract services at my place of posting.
Another black spot beside GMAT Score I suppose is My High School (XIIth Std) Marks where I got 57.6% marks CBSE. Will it hamper my application greatly?


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by [email protected] » Sat Sep 16, 2017 10:57 am
Hi kewldudeer,

First off, a 680/Q50 is a strong score (it's right around the 85th percentile overall), so it could be enough to get you into your first-choice School. As such, a retest might not be necessary. It looks like you've already posed the question about whether this score is 'competitive enough' to Admissionado in the Admissions Expert's Forum. You might receive more responses if you post your message in the open forum though: ... t-f40.html

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