How I Finally Completed my 10 Month GMAT Journey

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I originally started studying during August 2017 and was off of work for a month. I utilized a variety of Manhattan Prep books, the GMAT Hacks book, and the GMATClub paid test bank. I was on and off with studying due to various health reasons and kept pushing my exam back further and further until I was finally given a hard deadline of January 1st. I sucked it up and took the exam on 12/23 expecting to do horrible due to my on and off studying throughout the process. I went into the exam with a terrible attitude and walked out with a 47Q/38V split. I truly believe that if I went into the test with a killer attitude, I would've done much better. I also didn't take practice exams leading up to the test because I found them disheartening so my timing was AWFUL. I had to guess on 7 quant and 6 verbal questions.

For my 2nd retake of the test, I decided to prepare with Magoosh. I felt super confident during the weeks leading up to the exam and decided to try some GMAT club question bank questions for the 2 weeks before the test. I think realized how screwed I was. The Magoosh questions were way too easy and I didn't realize it until it was too late. I walked out of the exam DEVESTATED. I left the exam with a 640 (42Q/36V). After leaving the test center, I sat there in my car thinking "how did I get dumber?" As soon as I got home, I signed up for Target Test Prep(TTP). My friends who were taking the GMAT SWORE by it, so I knew that it was time to give it a try.

I started TTP the day after my exam and was amazed by how comprehensive the platform was. I started buying myself a monthly gift and could only give myself the gift if I studied from 8am-9:30am before work. My newly adjusted work schedule gave my life order. During my first session with Jeff, I told him that I wanted a 50Q and he told me "well, we better get to work then". I was amazed while I was tutoring with Jeff and Scott. They both were able to deconstruct my thought process and give me challenging problems that were tailored to my weaknesses. Our sessions helped me become confident about topics I previously shied away from.

I began TTP and was impressed by how thorough the platform was. Because I used so many other platforms, I would always notice when one platform failed to teach a certain concept. That was never the case with TTP.

Before TTP, I dreaded taking practice exams because my math basics were so shaky. When I took my 1st post TTP practice test, I thought to myself "this seems too easy. I must be failing". Nope! I just had a really strong grasp of the material. Post TTP, I only scored 49Q and 50Q on my practice and actual exams and I was so proud of myself.

When my friends who are about to start the GMAT process come to me for advice, I always tell them not to waste their time with other platforms and to start with TTP. My biggest GMAT regret is wasting my time and money on all of these other platforms for 7 months when I should've just started with TTP. I am now a member of the 700 club and I am excited to put my best foot forward with a strong quant score for the quant heavy schools that I will be applying to this fall.