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Did not beat the GMAT: Complaint about the new Palm reader..

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Need your advice...

I recently took the GMAT and filed an incident report because the center was experiencing technical difficulties with the new PalmSecure sensor, which cost me several minutes on BOTH the Quantitative and Verbal sections. As a result I canceled my score because I felt that these testing conditions, which were beyond my control, were unfair and caused me to lose focus. I brought this to the attention of the test administrator and she said she would file an incident report because she agreed that there was something wrong with the security check in. In fact, right before the verbal section, I made sure to check back in several minutes early and was still late because the palmsensor wasn't working. (long story short)

In any case, I head back from Pearsons and they said that they would not honor my request for a refund because I only lost a few minutes. As most of you know...time is so important on this exam and every second counts. I'm in the process of trying to escalate this to the rep's supervisor, but I'm afraid that they might tell me the same thing. Do I have any other options?

Please also note, this was my 3rd time taking the exam, so I had no intensions on cancelling my score because this was pretty much my last chance. Not only am I upset because I have to take it again, but it is also on my record that I will have taken this test 4 times.. :(

Did anyone have a similar experience? What did you do? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

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by ZildjianKX » Mon Apr 13, 2009 3:50 pm
Can you do a charge back on your credit card? I agree their customer service isn't too great.