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Surprising 610 on my 4th attempt to GMAT..

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mi17 Newbie | Next Rank: 10 Posts Default Avatar
01 Sep 2016
1 messages

Surprising 610 on my 4th attempt to GMAT..

Post Thu Sep 01, 2016 11:59 am
Hello everyone!!

Here I am after my 4th attempt to gmat exam. I got a score of 610(Q50, V23)
It was a real surprise for me as I was expecting a higher score than 610

So here is some information:
I gave full 4 month for this attempt. In this duration, I gave 9 full length mock exams
1. Veritas - 650
2. Veritas - 650
3. Manhattan - 650
4. Manhattan - 680
5. Manhattan - 680
6. Gmat exam 1 - 730(repeat)
7. Manhattan - 680
8. Gmat exam 5 - 690(4 days before the exam)
9. Gmat exam 6 - 710(2 days before the exam)

In all the above exams quant score varied between 49 and 51. And my verbal score varied from 33 to 36
In the last mock exam I scored Q50, V35.
Hence I was very optimistic about my main exam. I did not practice anything other than IR on the day before the exam

On the day of the exam everything was according to the plan - i completed AWA and Ir and Quant confidently.
When the first verbal question was displayed, I almost could not understand the SC.. but somehow I got the 3/2 split and eventually the answer. The next question was CR, I consumed a lot of time here again. I guess, this eventually built up stress, contributing to the low score.

I am here for suggestion as I am really disappointed with the score and I have following questions
1. Shall I reappear for the exam?
2. If yes, then how shall I start?
3. Shall I practice by attempting a lot of mock exams? Will that help?
4. Shall I start with the basics again? I worked on the basics for last few months but I was unable to apply them properly on the main exam! Is it the "gmat effect" or something else?
5. Is there something wrong with the last day prepartion as I dint solve any questions on that day?

I am targeting a score of 700+

And thanks in advance for your time and support

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Post Thu Sep 01, 2016 9:37 pm
Hi mi17,

Before I can offer you the specific advice that you're looking for, it would help if you could provide a bit more information on how you've been studying and your goals:

1) How long did you study before each of your attempts at the GMAT?
2) What materials did you use for each attempt?
3) What were the Quant and Verbal Scaled Scores on each of your GMATs?

4) When are you planning to apply to Business School?
5) What Schools are you planning to apply to?

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Post Sat Sep 03, 2016 7:54 am
Hi mi17,

I would be happy to provide some advice, but I would first like to learn some more about your GMAT experience and MBA goals. I have some questions:

1) Did you get your enhanced score reports? If not, could you do so and share the verbal score breakdown from your exam?

2) Can you provide us with the score breakdowns from your Official GMAT prep practice exams? When you took the practice tests, did you take them under realistic conditions (e.g. in a quiet environment, no extended breaks)? Did you complete the entire CAT, including the IR and Essay sections?

3) Describe your study routine. What resources did you use to study? How many hours a day did you study and for how many total months?

4) Describe your experience on test day. Did you feel nervous while taking the exam? By the end of the verbal section did you feel burned out? Did you take all of your assigned breaks? Feel free to include any other relevant information.

5) If you do retake the GMAT, how many hours a day can you commit to studying?

6) What are the MBA programs to which you plan to apply? What deadlines are you targeting?


Scott Woodbury Stewart Founder & CEO
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Post Mon Sep 05, 2016 1:04 pm
It might be worth getting the enhanced score report from GMAC. This way you can compare your verbal scores in each sub-category with your verbal scores on previous practice exams to get a sense of where the biggest test-day dips occurred.

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