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Need urgent help for AI

This topic has 2 member replies
abhijit_s_2000 Junior | Next Rank: 30 Posts Default Avatar
24 Dec 2006
20 messages

Need urgent help for AI

Post Sun Sep 02, 2007 11:10 pm
Elapsed Time: 00:00
    I have my GMAT scheduled in next 4 days. I struggle a lot in AI.

    Refer to an AI (Analysis of Issue) written by me. I would appreciate if anybody can asses it and suggest improvements.

    "You can tell the ideas of a nation by its advertisements."

    That you can tell the ideas of a nation by its advertisements is a valid and sound quotation. This quotation states that the advertisements in a country indicate the ideas and expectations of its people. In my view ideas of a nation can be understood by its advertisements. Advertisements reflect a lot of details of a society and its moral and intellectual values.

    Advertisements reflect the moral values and intellectual values of a society as advertisements are meant for the society. The logos and advertisements of organizations and universities reflect their underlying philosophy and ideas. Students and employees who join universities and organizations generally adhere to logos and advertisements of companies. As an example IITs, one of the best technical institutes in India, had a logo of making technocrats and scientists. The students in India joining IIT aspire to be technocrats and scientists. Infosys, one of the most admired companies in the world, advertises itself as powered by intellect and driven by values. Employees of Infosys adhere to its philosophy.

    Advertisements also indicate the ideas of common people in a country. Advertisements typically have slogans and catch phrases. These slogans and phrases typically state the ideas and principles of the people of nation. This is very well reflected when a major sports event is close. The expectations of the people of the nation are stated in many advertisements. By closely following the advertisements, general idea and expectation of the nation can be gathered.

    A successful personality who has achieved a success that is most valued by people is used in many advertising. Thus the most valued things of a nation can be gauged by it advertisements. As an example Sachin Tendulkar, one of the best batsman in the world, is used in most advertisements as people in India like cricket and scoring runs in cricket.

    To conclude, advertisements of a nation indicate the ideas and expectations of a nation.

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    Post Mon Sep 03, 2007 9:32 pm
    It seems fairly well organized, at least a 4.5.

    Don't sweat your AWA too much. Remember, the verbal and math count for much more!

    pahwa Community Manager Default Avatar
    27 Feb 2007
    117 messages
    9 times
    Post Tue Oct 09, 2007 8:06 pm
    I hope I am posting this well in time.

    I am personally not very impressed. I can see almost everywhere the use of "Advertisement indicate ideas, Ads reflects ideas.

    Frankly speaking, if you read this again, you will see that you have spent 3 para just explaing 1 point " Ads indicate nation's thinking". Thats it. Now is it fair enough.

    Here are my points:
    1. Para 1, you have correctly stated what you think. I am impressed that you have firmly stated your point of view. No changes.

    2 Para 2: Whatever you have written in rest of the section, can be sumarised here in your second para.

    3. Raise a point that in a nation like India, which has population of more that 100 million, just few of us stand and takes on the responsibilty to drive the nation. Explain "TOI" latest campaign to support your point.

    4. Dont just say "it reflects", also argue on "it motivates and inspires" Can include examples of condom ads to make ppl aware of HIV etc.

    5. In one of your para, do show the negative side of ads also, but then before you end that para, just refrain from going to the opposite side. For example: mention about Cigratte and Gutka ads that we see more ofer now a days. explain that. But towards the end do mention how govt is doing best to ban these tobacco ads etc.

    I guess, thesepoints are of some helop to you.

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