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Henley Business School Review

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HenleyStudent Newbie | Next Rank: 10 Posts Default Avatar
19 Dec 2016
1 messages

Henley Business School Review

Post Mon Dec 19, 2016 11:08 am
I am Henley Business School (UK) alumni and I couldn't find any review about the b-school here so thought I should provide one.

I joined Henley Business School with great hopes, thinking I would make a career in Operations Management Consulting but the school didn't have any support for that neither it is recognised among any consulting firms! There is no help at all from the careers department on how to even step into internships.

Course Content -

Course content was good especially for Operations Management, Strategy, Marketing and Financial Management but there were courses such as Management in an International Context, Leadership and Change, and Reputation and Responsibility etc which were just rubbish and professors even were not interested to teach properly. Overall, if I have to rate course content I would say 6/10. It could definitely have been improved with case studies and real life examples which help students understand things better.

We were not even introduced how to solve case studies to land in job interviews, I believe at least that would have been introduced to us.

Career Services

Hardly anyone from my batch got a job through career services. If you are planning to start your MBA from Henley Business School be prepared to find your own way out as you will not get any help from careers services. People employed in career services don't know basics of the job market and have no touch with the reality. Students from my batch knew more than what career services people knew.

Can you believe there was one session by Career services in which they told us only about the websites to look for the job, such as Monster, LinkedIn etc as if those who are doing MBA don't know website names. This is the standard of career services. If we ever tried to approach career services for any help regarding job search in UK they would give reasons such as oh, UK visa laws are tough so non-EU students won't get job hence no use, such demoralising comments from career services doesn't make sense.

At the end of the day, no matter how good the b-school is you need a job to survive but Henley failed miserably to provide a single job offer! Not even a single person got a job offer in the UK, all moved back to their respective countries to find the job and many landed back to their previous boring jobs!

One more thing, there was no event or session where we could meet alumni or interact with alumni.

I got the job after 1 year of struggle but even after 2 years of graduation out of 25 students from my cohort 5 are still struggling to find ANY work!

The Economist Ranking

According to The Economist Ranking, Henley Business School is ranked among top 30 in the world and sometimes the top most B-school in the UK. But all these rankings are manipulated by the school and students are asked to give full score and most of the data for the ranking is provided by the school hence the ranking is not true at all.

Before joining Henley B-school if you ask for the companies those recruit from b-school they send a general list of companies those have EVER hired someone from the whole university. University with which Henley b-school is associated has more than 100,000 alumni but not the b-school but during ranking and giving information b-school uses the data from the whole university to look it better. Also, they don't distinguish full-time MBA students and executive MBA hence b-school ranking and whole data is manipulated. All this is affecting those who are investing not only money but their time also.

Final Comments

Overall course content is ok but very poor career services and no alumni support. Finally, I would say if you have a lot of money and no better b-school to attend then go for Henley otherwise I believe your money and time is better spent on some other adventure!

If anyone needs any help with deciding to attend the Henley Business School, let me know in the comments and I will do my best to reply!

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PattyEasterling Newbie | Next Rank: 10 Posts Default Avatar
14 May 2017
1 messages
Post Sun May 14, 2017 10:10 pm
Well, the best review on school can give only students who know life of the institution in and out. As a student of the school I can tell that if one wants to get a degree doing nothing for that, then it is better to choose another school for oneself.
Here students work really hard in all senses of this world. Teachers are demanding(to some extent it is good because we study a lot of material). For the recent months I had to write my essays like 11 times which means school takes into consideration strict checks of the materials that was taught monthly. I believe that such approach simplifies yearly exam preparation because we go through exam period every months and we keep in mind necessary information in head after monthly check.

If you want to live relaxed school life, then this school is definitely not for you.

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